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Robert Duncan, President at Superior Express, LLC

I heard about Hydra-Flex six years ago, and I’ve been using Hydra-Flex products ever since. My exposure to these products began in in-bay automatic washes. The accuracy and reliability of this system is second to none, and there was no question that I would be installing the Aqua-Lab when I built a tunnel wash. Even when moving from an in-bay automatic to a tunnel, the Aqua-Lab was nothing less than I expected: trouble-free and precise chemical distribution to all my wash applications.

I rarely ever have to touch or look at the Aqua-Lab because of the minimal maintenance it requires. When maintenance is needed in my washes, I generally perform the work myself because of how quick and easy it is to change out parts and accessories on my hydra-cannons and Aqua-Lab, though rarely needed. When I have needed parts, Hydra-Flex’s technical and sales team have always been proficient. My exposure to the refining industry for 30 years has given me an appreciation for not only Hydra-Flex’s quality engineering, but also for their great customer service.

The Aqua-Lab and other Hydra-Flex products are manufactured by a team of dedicated individuals and are the most accurate and reliable chemical dispensing systems on the market. If I pursue future tunnel locations, I have full intentions of installing the Aqua-Lab.

Robert Duncan
Superior Express, LLC
PO Box 1326
Artesia, NM 88211

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