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Testimonials – Vehicle Wash


Terrible Herbst Oil Company has grown dramatically over the last 70+ years, but their customer service and dedication to quality remains the same. Beginning in 1938 as a single gas station in Chicago to over 100 c-store locations today, Terrible’s car wash offerings have grown along with them.

Holiday Gas Station Car Wash

“If someone is looking into the Hydra-Flex [Aqua-Lab SDGEN2] system, I definitely would say go for it and give it a shot because your customers are going to notice it and if you do the unlimited program it’s definitely going to benefit you […] It’s more beneficial to the customer, it cleans their vehicle the way they want, and they don’t have to get out and wipe down their vehicle afterwards and clean off smudges. It cleans the vehicle properly like a car wash should.”

Metro Express Car Wash

Watch a testimonial video where car wash industry veterans, Bill Martin and Bob Hodge, explain why they use the Aqua-Lab™ and the dramatic differences it offers in vehicle coverage, reliability, and chemical/water savings.

Dapper Dan's Car Wash

“My advice to other car wash owners is to not even touch any other chemical dispensing system. Hydra-Flex has specialized and perfected dispensing technology, and has made washing cars simple and trouble free.”

Dan Crader, Owner / Operator at Best Express Car Wash

“Now that we have installed the Blast-Force™ and Blast-Tec Pro™ nozzles, our cost of water is about $0.30 per car. Our initial reason for switching to Hydra-Flex nozzles was to save water, and we have already experienced over 30% savings.”

Leon Beyder, President at Glow Express Car Wash

“The efficiency and consistency of the Aqua-Lab is what puts this system above traditional chemical and dosing equipment. Not only have I experienced savings of about 25% in chemical costs thanks to the Aqua-Lab, but I have also noticed an extremely high yield in my chemicals without sacrificing the appearance of the chemical upon applying.”

Robert Duncan, President at Superior Express, LLC

“The accuracy and reliability of this system is second to none, and there was no question that I would be installing the Aqua-Lab when I built a tunnel wash. Even when moving from an in-bay automatic to a tunnel, the Aqua-Lab was nothing less than I expected: trouble-free and precise chemical distribution to all my wash applications.”

Brett Meinberg, President at Car Wash Express

“Car Wash Express started using the Aqua-Lab system five years ago, and simply said it is one of the best changes we have made to our chemical dispensing systems. After the initial test, we have since installed the Aqua-Lab in all six of our tunnels, and plan to put them in all future locations as well.”

Matt Riker, Operations Manager - Mighty Wash

“Ultimately the biggest cost you can control at any car wash, besides labor, is chemical. With hydrominders our average cost was between $0.80-1.00/car. [With Aqua-Lab] we’re now between $0.20-0.45/car depending on chain speed. That’s an over 50% reduction!”

Flagstop Carwash & Quick Lube

“I truly believe Hydra-Flex has one of the most innovative and perhaps “industry changing” products…since installing the Aqua-Lab at this site we have seen a consistent product application that is better than ever…we have estimated a savings of approximately 20% in chemical cost and another 8% in water….”

Richard Davison - Shiners Car Wash Systems

“…the improvement was both immediate and dramatic. Wash quality improved out of sight. The rotating strobe spray pattern of the Hydra-Flex nozzle improved the coverage over the vehicle surface considerably…Please do yourself a favour and make what is a very small investment in something that will significantly improve wash quality, customer satisfaction and significantly reduce costs at the same time….”

Kevin Wood, Owner - Snappy Express Car Wash

“I wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed using products from Hydra-Flex. Thank-you for being a company on the cutting edge. It is always refreshing to see innovative products brought to the market.”

Bill Lawrence, President & CEO - Bubbles Car Wash

The Aqua-Lab concept intrigued me and I decided to move forward testing a unit at one of my sites…The test proved to save me 26% in chemical cost and an even greater surprise was the almost equal water and sewer savings. How can you go wrong with an ROI that those savings will provide?”

Jim Rooney, Owner - 3 Minute Magic Carwash

“Run, do not walk to your nearest Hydra-Flex Distributor and buy an Aqua-Lab!…It is one of the few carwash technologies I have learned to forget about. I always used to worry about my solution delivery system…Not anymore…”

Tim Jones, Owner & President - Champion Car Wash

“…thank you for the great products that you have brought to the car wash industry with the Aqua-Lab and your Blast-Tec nozzles…I am saving nearly 25% chemical costs using the Aqua-Lab…I was surprised to find that I am getting superior cleaning out of the Blast-Tec nozzles while using 40% less water…”

Todd Baright, President - Foam and Wash Car Wash

“…Wow, do you guys work for NASA on the side? The quality is amazing. Now we blend chemicals with ease, low maintenance, consistent application, better coverage, and you allowed us to really dial down our product usage…”

Matt Bukilica - Waterwheel Express Car Wash

“I would like to complement your company on designing and building a product that “really” does what you say it will do…I would happily recommend the system to any operator that is looking for chemical and water savings or a performance improvement.”

Matt Toombs, Owner & General Manager - Jet Splash Full Service Car Wash

“The ease of use of the Aqua-Lab is better than I expected. The application of product is consistent and the coverage is amazing…Now I have Aqua-Labs in all 3 of our washes. It’s a must for any operator.”

Derek Martin - Metro Express Car Wash Car Wash

“Not only did we see a significant drop in cost but we gained the most consistent delivery in the industry that we know of. Cost and usage fluctuations are a thing of the past for us…In hindsight our decision to covert to Hydra-Flex was a great move for our organization and would recommend the conversion to any operator.”

Mark Ellis, President - Southland Auto Wash

“We’ve seen a payback in less than a year on all of the units due to water and chemical efficiencies. I would not build a wash today without utilizing Hydra-flex, in fact I would not purchase a wash without retrofitting with Hydra-flex.”

Todd Gall - Surf Thru Express Car Wash

“We are 110% satisfied with our decision to go with the Aqua-Lab! The system is dependable, requires very few adjustments, saves water, and provides a fantastic and consistent application. My management team with over 60 years of combined experience “loves the system.”

Bryan King, Chief Operating Officer - National Car Wash

“It wasn’t until we installed these nozzles on one of our Jim Coleman “Water Wizard” touchfree machines, that we could see the true beauty of this product. This type of technology has revitalized our touchfree market….”

Scott Jones & Marc Wilson - $5 Car Wash

“I have to say that since we have installed the Hydra-Flex system we have seen a savings of 30% on our chemical cost….It’s not very often that in our business that you find a product that performs this well and justifies itself at the same time.”