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Matt Bukilica - Waterwheel Express Car Wash

I would like to complement your company on designing and building a product that “really” does what you say it will do. We own and operate 2 Express washes in Fresno, CA and are able to easily compare our sites. Our oldest site currently utilizes Hydrominders and air pumps. Our newest site has an Aqua-Lab system since opening, the difference is simply amazing. The site with the Aqua-Lab is averaging over 40% less chemical usage.

The coverage and show at our Aqua-Lab site is noticeably better than our other site. Although we don’t typically track water usage per car, on the surface it appears we are saving a substantial amount of water as well. Our maintenance and repairs are virtually none, the system just keeps working. It’s almost set it and forget it. I would happily recommend the system to any operator that is looking for chemical and water savings or a performance improvement.

Thanks you, a very satisfied customer.

Matt Bukilica
Water Wheel Express
Fresno & Sanger CA.

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