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Chemical Dispensing Equipment

Aqua-Lab™ MD GEN2

Intended for use with tunnel/conveyor vehicle wash sites, Aqua-Lab MDGEN2 Micro Dose Chemical Dispensing Systems deliver precisely diluted chemistry to multiple applications simultaneously.

  • Chemically-Resistant Materials - An inert, chemically-resistant Kynar® manifold with integrated, air-actuated valves are designed and tested for reliable operation to 700,000 wash cycles, and offer enhanced simplicity, dependability, and contamination resistant over electric solenoid valves. New PC2 composite injectors stand up to the most aggressive, yet common, car wash chemicals.
  • Consistent & Accurate Chemical Delivery - The precisely diluted metered solution is delivered to the applicator, every time.
  • Improved Vehicle Coverage - Uses the suggested chemistry dilution rate but increases delivery pressure, resulting in less solution used with impressive vehicle coverage.
  • Lower Operating Costs - System utilizes less power, yet supplies more pressure, reducing the expensive waste of costly chemistry. For easy installation, systems are delivered pre-wired and pre-plumbed and require little ongoing maintenance.
  • Intuitive Panel Design - New features include vertical valve orientation for clean plumbing management and a removable panel for easy access to air regulators.
  • Saves Space - All components can be wall-mounted, and system accurately delivers solution without cumbersome mixing tanks.


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The Aqua-Lab concept intrigued me and I decided to move forward testing a unit at one of my sites…The test proved to save me 26% in chemical cost and an even greater surprise was the almost equal water and sewer savings. How can you go wrong with an ROI that those savings will provide?”

Bill Lawrence, President & CEO – Bubbles Car Wash
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Product Line




Injectors: Composite - NPT x PC2 (Quick-Connect)

Replacement Parts

Single MAM Valve Replacement
MAM Valve Repair Kit
MAM O-Ring Repair Kit
Push-To-Connect Airline Replacement Kit
M12 x DIN I Cordset
Foaming Small Air Regulator And 0-60 PSI Gauge
Outlet Pressure Gauge 0-400 PSI - Bottom Mount
1/4” Push To Connect To 1/8” NPT Elbow
1/4” Push to Connect to 1/8” NPT Elbow - Plastic
1/4” Push To Connect Tee
Solenoid Actuated Air Valve - Foaming
Primary Air Regulator
Primary Air Regulator Replacement Bowl
Solenoid Coil Replacement for Air Actuated Valve
MAM End Cap Kit
MAM Inlet Kit
1/4” Hose Barb Foaming Air Check Valve
M12 Junction Block - 6 Port Homerun Cable
M12 Junction Block - 8 Port Homerun Cable
Manifold Inlet 3/4” ID Hose x 1/2” NPT Ends - 72” (1.8m) Long
1/2” Ball Valve
1/2” Male Quick Connect - Brass
1/2” Female Quick Connect - Brass
1” Wye Strainer - 30 Mesh
1” NPT T16 Wye Strainer Screen & Gasket
1” NPT T15 Wye Strainer Screen & Gasket
40 GPM Bypass Pressure Regulator - Stainless Steel
Quick Connect 9 ft. Cordset For Pump - Male
Temperature Switch Assembly
Replacement/Backup 20 GPM Booster Pump
Replacement/Backup 40 GPM Grundfos Pump
20 GPM Quick Connect Regulator Assembly
40 GPM Grundfos Plumbing Assembly
Grundfos Pump System Manifold O-Ring
Booster Pump Floor Stand
Dual Booster Pump Wall Mount Bracket
Triple Booster Pump Wall Mount Bracket
High-Temp Light
Thermal Overload - Eaton
Timer Relay
Quick Connect Pump Plug - Female
Current Sensor - AC
Current Sensor - DC
Smart Relay
Contactor - Eaton
M12 Cordset (Grey)
MCU Disconnect Switch & Handle Replacement Kit
VFD Disconnect Switch & Handle Replacement Kit
3HP Variable Frequency Drive Replacement
VFD Replacement - 5 HP
VFD Replacement - 7.5 HP
VFD MCU Keypad
VFD MCU Exhaust Fan
VFD MCU Exhaust Filter
VFD MCU Pressure Transducer
Pressure Transducer Cable
3 HP VFD Shaft Pistol Handle
3 HP VFD Relay Socket
3 HP VFD Power Supply
3 HP VFD Keypad
VFD MCU Primary Fuse 1/2 AMP
VersaDial™ Replacement Filter
20 GPM Wall Mount Assembly
Elbow Pressure Transducer Cable
20 GPM Wall Mount Assembly Inlet/Outlet Kit
40 GPM Assembly Inlet/Outlet Kit
40 GPM Strainer Replacement Filter
20 GPM Strainer Replacement Filter
20 GPM Grundfos Motor Replacement
40 GPM Grundfos Motor Replacement
40 GPM Stack Kit
20 GPM Seal Kit
40 GPM Seal Kit
40 GPM Replacement Strainer
20 GPM Replacement Strainer
40 GPM Pressure Transducer
20 GPM Pressure Transducer
Grundfos O-Ring Kit
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