Hydra-Flex Announces Distribution Improvements and Changes

Hydra-Flex Announces Distribution Improvements and Changes

Hydra-Flex Announces Distribution Improvements and Changes

SAVAGE, Minn. –– We’re excited to announce distribution improvements for all Hydra-Flex industrial products. Our industry-leading nozzles are still manufactured at our Savage, Minn., factory, but we’re leveraging our parent company’s (Sonny’s Enterprises) nationwide distribution network to better serve our customers.

These improvements will significantly enhance the speed and effectiveness of our service and delivery. Shipping from multiple well-stocked distribution centers around the country ensures our nozzles and repair kits are closer to you, and orders will be shipped out the same day (for stocked items ordered by 6 p.m. ET). 

This change will be effective on Monday, Dec. 11, 2023. Here’s what it means for you.

Ordering and Support: No changes – email hello@hydraflexinc.com, call 952-808-3640, or contact your sales representative. 

Account Numbers: You will have a new account number effective Dec. 11. See the Distribution Improvement email from our sales team to find your new account information. Please use your new account number for all orders going forward. Our team will transition your information and history to this new account.

Forms: Order confirmations, invoices, and packing slips will look slightly different but will include all the same information.

Returns and RMAs: Each shipment will include a return address label to easily return items, and instructions to work with our team if there are any product issues.

Part Numbers: Each part will receive a new part number in our new system. However, our current part numbers remain connected to each item in the system to ease the transition. Click here for a list of products, part numbers, and prices.

Thank you for your patience and support during this transition. If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Please contact us at hello@hydraflexinc.com, 952-806-3640, or reach out to your sales representative:

Mike O’Hearnmohearn@hydraflexinc.com – 952-463-7019

Chad Robertscroberts@hydraflexinc.com – 952-463-7100

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