Sewer Jetting

The Reaper™ product line offers the fastest cutting technology in the jetting industry. It cuts, clears, and cleans to service residential, commercial, and mainline pipes.

NEW to the line is the Revolution™, which is changing how the industry is clearing mainline pipes. It offers a 360-degree cleaning benefit that requires less passes and gets the job done quicker, all while saving water!

Our nozzles are built to jet with high-pressure water that clears build-ups and destroys blockages on the interiors of plumbing lines and sewer pipes. These tools are extremely flexible and are an affordable solution to remove dirt, grime, debris, and other obstructions effectively.


At the core of every Hydra-Flex nozzle is flow-strengthening technology, where laminar flow is utilized to ensure every particle of fluid flows along one smooth path to offer more force while using less water.

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