The Sewer Jetting Revolution™ is Here!

Revolution By Reaper™

Hydra-Flex introduces the Revolution by Reaper™ sewer jetting nozzle

SAVAGE, Minn. –– Hydra-Flex, Inc., aims to once again “revolutionize” the sewer jetting industry with the launch of its newest innovation – the Revolution by Reaper™ sewer jetting nozzle.

The Revolution combines unparalleled new cleaning power with everything customers already love about Hydra-Flex’s Reaper nozzles. Like the Reaper, the Revolution features a forceful front rotating stream and powerful back jets to cut and clear the toughest blockages, but it goes a step further with a new 360° rotating sub-head with dual jets that completely clean and de-scale the pipe.

This all-in-one tool simultaneously cuts, clears, and cleans to help you work faster, save water, and save money. The Revolution is built for 6” to 36” sewer pipes and can take on even the biggest jetting challenges.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the Revolution and its unmatched cleaning power to the sewer jetting industry,” said Ryan Lindaman, Hydra-Flex Industrial Sales Manager. “The results from our field trials around the country have exceeded our very high expectations, and we can’t wait to get this nozzle into our customer’s hands so they can work more efficiently.”

‘Revolutionary’ performance

Hydra-Flex tested its new nozzle against leading competitors and found the Revolution removes nearly three times more debris on the first pass and uses at least 25% less water. Rather than using one nozzle to clear blockages and another to clean the pipe, the Revolution does it all to improve your efficiency and help your bottom line.

“Our operators were impressed by the nozzle’s performance,” said Andy Keller, Sewer Department Foreman for Big Bear City, Calif. “It is excellent at cleaning the pipe walls. This nozzle is now our first choice for pre-jetting for CCTV inspections.”

The Revolution is ready to take on countless tasks, including municipal sewer cleaning and removal of roots, fats, oil, grease, and more. The nozzle operates between 1,000 and 2,500 PSI with a flow range of 40-80 GPM. The new rotating sub-head is designed to maintain consistent speed throughout the nozzle’s life. A stainless-steel centralizer is included to ensure the nozzle stays centered within the pipe.

Speaking of life, the Revolution is proven to outlive the competition. It’s made from premium materials – stainless steel housing and tungsten carbide wear surfaces – and is both field and shop-repairable to extend its life.

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